Shelar’s tabla notation system is complete in all aspect. In other notation systems one cannot notate all tabla compositions. Few compositions which can be notate have limitations due to incomplete nature of the notation system. Currently used Pt. Bhatkhande and Pt. Paluskar notation systems were developed for vocal classical music and later same was applied for tabla. Due to this, one has to break the words to notate the composition, thus disturbing the vary basic nature of the poetry. Notation system should be for composition and composition should not be for notations. The presently used Pt. Bhatkhande and Pt. Paluskar system being incomplete, one has to follow the notation system as primary and bend or break the composition for notation.

Shelar’s notation system is specifically developed for tabla and as such all types of compositions can be notated in this system . All types of ‘Jati’ and ‘Laya’ can be easily notated in Shelar’s notation system. One very important aspect of this system is that one writes the composition as it will be said and played. You do not have to break the wording for notations. Please visit our download section for further details of the notation system.